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Sauchiehall Street Development

In the heart of Glasgow's bustling City Centre, Charlotte Square Property (CSP) spearheaded strategic efforts to facilitate a transformative residential development.

With a focus on addressing the escalating demand for housing, CSP proposed the construction of a contemporary 15-storey tower boasting 100 studio and one-bedroom apartments.

The Impact

Strategically situated near Charing Cross, this ambitious endeavour aims to not only meet the burgeoning residential needs of the city but also inject vitality into the local economy. Pending approval from planners, the £20 million project is slated to commence in Spring 2021, with an anticipated completion date set for June 2022.

Moreover, the development holds the promise of generating approximately 40 job opportunities, further enhancing its socio-economic impact on the surrounding community.

Huge Potential

Beyond its tangible economic contributions, the proposed residential tower holds immense potential to foster a vibrant and connected urban environment. By offering a mix of studio and one-bedroom apartments, the development caters to the diverse housing preferences of urban dwellers, including key workers and recent graduates.

This strategic positioning not only encourages retention of talent within the city but also bolsters its reputation as a desirable destination for city-centre living. Moreover, the project's proximity to key amenities, transportation hubs, and employment centres enhances accessibility and convenience for residents, facilitating a seamless integration into the fabric of urban life.


Sustainable Urban Growth

Furthermore, the envisioned residential complex represents more than just a collection of living spaces; it embodies a vision for sustainable urban growth and community enrichment. By providing modern, well-equipped residences in a highly sought-after location, CSP's development initiative contributes to the city's evolution as a dynamic and inclusive urban hub.

As residents settle into their new homes, the ripple effects of this endeavour are expected to extend beyond the confines of the tower, fostering a sense of belonging and civic pride among inhabitants. Through strategic investments in urban infrastructure and residential development, CSP underscores its commitment to shaping the future of Glasgow's City Centre while enriching the lives of its residents.