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Chester Street Refurbishment

Situated in Edinburgh's esteemed West End, 11 Chester Street stands as a distinguished B-listed townhouse within a striking Victorian terrace. Once serving as the Scottish operational headquarters for both the Marine Conservation Society and building surveyors Wren & Bell, this property holds a rich historical significance.

A Comprehensive Approach

Under the stewardship of Charlotte Square Property (CSP), the endeavor to reclaim its original residential purpose was met with success, obtaining the necessary listed building consent and planning permission. The transformative vision extended further to the subdivision of the property, delineating space for a lower ground floor apartment and a three-storey townhouse.

This comprehensive approach reflects CSP's commitment to restoring heritage structures while adapting them to meet contemporary residential needs.

The Redevelopment

In addition to securing regulatory approval, CSP assumed responsibility for overseeing all aspects of the property's redevelopment. From inception to completion, the group meticulously managed every phase of the construction, interior design, and fit-out processes. This holistic approach ensured that the project not only complied with regulatory standards but also adhered to the highest standards of craftsmanship and design excellence.

By integrating modern amenities and spatial configurations into the historic fabric of 11 Chester Street, CSP sought to create living spaces that harmonise tradition with contemporary lifestyle preferences. The meticulous attention to detail exhibited throughout the project underscores Charlotte Square Property's dedication to delivering exceptional residential experiences while preserving the architectural legacy of Edinburgh's West End.


Supporting the Community

Furthermore, the revitalisation of 11 Chester Street signifies more than just a restoration of bricks and mortar; it symbolises a renaissance of community and urban vitality. By reintegrating the property into its original residential function, CSP contributes to the enduring appeal and livibility of Edinburgh's historic neighbourhoods. The creation of distinct living units within the townhouse not only expands housing options but also fosters a sense of place and belonging among residents. As a result, the project not only enhances the architectural landscape of the West End but also fosters a vibrant and inclusive community ethos.

In reimagining 11 Chester Street, Charlotte Square Property has not only preserved a piece of Edinburgh's past but also laid the foundation for its future as a dynamic and thriving urban enclave.